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PRAD confirms its CSR commitment by its recent ECOVADIS GOLD rating which positions the decoration specialist amongst the world’s top 5 % businesses assessed in more than 160 countries. Founded 50 years ago and driven by Bruno Pierrain, its CEO and owner since 2016, PRAD demonstrates an innovative CSR strategy, guided by the respect for people and the environment.

This strategy is notably translated by a production plant completely redesigned to optimise energy flow, treat and recycle inputs as well as releases to air and water. Especially the decoration processes of glass and aluminium containers by liquid metallization, PRAD’s core business, are executed by new eco-designed lines. Needless to say,  the lacquers used are water-soluble.

Regarding social concerns, PRAD strives to offer a respectful and equal workplace. The company achieves the maximum possible score on the gender equality index by the Ministry of Labour (Egapro) and accompanies its team by a voluntarist training programme. Furthermore, PRAD has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative for 3 years and regularly publishes its annual Communication on Progress (COP).


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