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Laser finishing for "Haute couture" decoration

Kajal Parfums Paris, known for their high-end fragrances, opted for French quality and thus entrusted PRAD with the magnificent decoration of Lamar. The workshops based in the Drôme region (south of Lyon) carefully lacquered the square bottle in transparent gold and then metallised in shiny gold. Delicate ornamental laser cut outs on all 4 sides reveal transparency, creating contrasts and light reflections. The name is silkscreen-printed.

Lamar is one of the flagships of Kajal’s prestige Classic Collection. The name means “light”, “liquid gold” and inspired Mark Buxton for his creation. The renowned perfumer created a sensual, rich and natural fragrance with rose and jasmine notes “resembling the beauty of a golden sun setting in the horizon”.

In 2022, PRAD already decorated the bottles of 2 other Kajal jewels. For Almaz, PRAD carried out shiny silver metallization on transparent emerald green lacquering and delicate laser cutouts. For Faris, PRAD combined metallization, laser engraving and screen printing.

PRAD continues to develop its laser processes, always striving to deliver great customer service and to create modern and sophisticated decoration.

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