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PRAD, a top 3% CSR company according to EcoVadis

Reductions of 30% CO2 emissions and energy, - 40% of waste and 50% less water consumption over the last 4 years have contributed to PRAD’s top 3% sustainability rating by EcoVadis.

EcoVadis, “the world’s most trusted business sustainability ratings”, also acknowledged PRAD’s actions to promote diversity, equality and inclusion. In 2022, the French decoration specialist focused on sensibilization and prevention of harassment and female violence.

With this recognition PRAD fast forwards its sustainability commitment and targets a dry plant by 2028. Moreover, the company is working more closely with its customers, renowned perfume and cosmetics houses, on eco-design, right from the laboratory, by integrating product end-of-life considerations. PRAD also sees its role in advising and supporting customers in order to save process time and encourage recyclability.

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