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PRAD accelerates its development and hires its manager

Arnaud Jammes joined PRAD last February as Development Manager. Chemical engineer and material scientist, he was Technical and Process Adviser at Jet Metal for 12 years. Arnaud Jammes: “I am glad joining PRAD, a company I already know well as having contributed to the deployment of metallization. In fact, Bruno Pierrain, its CEO, made a major development axis out of it. Important industrial investments, which have been undertaken, and the team’s skills, which are assets, allow dynamic innovation and industrial excellence. Moreover, I love the idea of decorating only material which is infinitely recyclable.”

Bruno Pierrain: “PRAD’s development can only be done with the expertise in material chemistry. Arnaud Jammes’s experience completes our knowledge and reinforces our momentum of innovation. Our current metallization technique offers countless colours with numerous levels of transparency, shade and shine. Giving priority to our clients’ expectations, I tasked Arnaud with the mission of completing our range of effects, on a maximum variety of formats, and fully complying with our environmental commitments.

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