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PRAD adorns the bottle of Oriana

To ennoble its bottles, Parfums de Marly naturally entrusted PRAD, a French company, known for its know-how and quality. The House with a strong French identity, emphasizes engraved and then lacquered bottles. PRAD relied on the expertise of its laboratory to create a custom-made satin pink lacquer for Oriana.

PRAD had already contributed to the designs of the bottles of previous launches: a matt aluminum lacquer for Layton, matched with a blue varnish for Layton Exclusive, thus meeting the challenge of double varnishing. The Carlisle bottle and that of the feminine Athalia are satin black lacquered.

Lacquering modifies any kind of surface by its appearance - shine, matt, satin -, its countless and exclusive colours, its special effects - nacre, iridescent, metallic - and also gives singular touch effects - smooth, soft, grainy.

« Parfums de Marly draws its inspiration from the century which celebrated the pinnacle of French elegance: the 18th century, the reign of perfume. »

Founded in 2009 by Julien Sprecher, whose love of perfumes was passed down from his father, Parfums de Marly, a high-end perfumery brand, conjures up a dreamlike state with its “signature” fragrances. Parfums De Marly expresses a refined and contemporary lifestyle, however in line with the codes and heritage of the French royal court in the 18th century. Each essence has its own personal olfactory signature composed by a range of noble ingredients, developed and reinterpreted for a unique experience. Parfums de Marly

High-end decoration on glass and aluminium

PRAD is an independent French company specializing in the decoration of infinitely recyclable containers made of glass and aluminum. CHANEL, COACH, DIPTYQUE, LALIQUE, SISLEY and many other prestigious brands are among its references.

PRAD provides the following key technologies: liquid metallization, lacquering, laser finishing and silk screening, pad printing and hot stamping. Used individually or combined, they allow a wide range of renderings, shades, color and / or material effects, associated with the extreme precision of patterns. The high-quality decorations catch the eye as much as they encourage the touch and support the brands in the sensory experience, they wish to offer consumers.

PRAD relies on its modern equipment, its environmental-friendly industrial practices and processes. They are valued by the professionalism and involvement of its team, aiming customer satisfaction. The company has been assessed ECOVADIS silver level and belongs to the Industry of the future 2.0 program of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region.

PRAD was founded in 1972 and is managed by Bruno PIERRAIN, its CEO and owner for 5 years. Located in La Roche-de-Glun, 1 hour south of Lyon (France), the company employs 45 people, that are driven by the values of respect, solidarity and eco-responsibility.

As a flagship technology, liquid metallization provides a full or partial metal look, many metallic shades and endless options of transparency and color shading. It has been developed on a specific, dust-free line thanks to a mastered and environment-friendly process.

Lacquering modifies any kind of surface by its appearance (shine, matt, satin), its countless colours, its special effects (nacre, iridescent, metallic) and also gives singular touch effects (smooth, soft, grainy).

Laser finishing completes the metallization with lace-like cutouts and chiseled engravings, for very fine decorations and plays of light.

Silk screening, pad printing and hot stamping are combined to highlight high-precision texts and drawings on all material.

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