PRAD decorates Lubin's new Portraits de Femmes collection

PRAD supported Maison LUBIN in its choice of a new and uniform presentation for its Portraits de Femmes collection. Lubin’s emblematic amphora-shaped bottle has been given a golden dome bearing the name of the perfume and the brand’s signature.

"It is a technically complicated decoration due to the bottle shape and the cutouts of the letters. The bottles were first partially gold metallized and then laser etched."
Liquid metallization is a flagship technology of PRAD, carried out on a specific line free of dust and thanks to a controlled and environmentally virtuous process, in the same way as water-soluble varnishes. "

This smooth, elegant bottle radiates light thanks to the transparent glass playing with white and gold shades. The stylish simplicity of its graphic composition and the geometric letters reinforce Maison Lubin’s art deco spirit.
Lubin is one of the most ancient French perfume makers. Founded at the end of the 18th century, it was namely supplier of the Royal Court.


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