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PRAD for Kajal’s new fragrance masterpieces

Kajal Perfumes Paris has asked PRAD to decorate its latest launch “Almaz”: Shiny silver metallization with delicate letter and ornamental laser cut outs emphasize the identity of this new luxury fragrance.

Almaz”, the Arabic name for diamonds, should evoke the sublime and timeless beauty of the precious gemstones withstanding immense pressures during millions of years. This rich, natural, and long-lasting fragrance was created by the celebrated perfumer Rania Jouaneh, renowned for her exquisitely powerful and sensual perfume creations, using noble and rare essences.

“Almaz” is part of Kajal’s prestige Classic Collection, as well as the recently launched “Faris”. With “Faris”, a strong male fragrance, the creators wanted a silver packaging as the color symbolizes subtle strength and represents purity. On that occasion PRAD’s workshops supplied shiny silver metallization, laser finishing and screen printing.


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