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PRAD interprets Maison LALIQUE code

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Maison LALIQUE entrusted PRAD with the "made in France" decoration of two of its Noir Premier Collection perfume bottles - Or Intemporel & Illusion Captive - and the one of Amethyst Exquise, as well as the candle jars of Voyage de Parfumeur Collection : La Nuit Nairobi-Kenya and Noir Premier-Plume Blanche.

These creations illustrate not only PRAD's mastery of each of the glass decoration technologies, but also its ability to combinethem, to enhance the beauty of the containers and produce material and light effects, that are emblematic of the LALIQUE brand.

" Glass is the wonderful material. ” René Lalique, 1925

The 3 perfume bottles are singular by their metallic shine, obtained by liquid metallization, one of PRAD's flagship technology, that provides a full or partial metal look, numerous metallic shades and endless options of transparency and color shading.

PRAD has developed a specific, dust-free line and masters an environment-friendly process. Laser chiseled engravings add relief and playsof light. They are enhanced by hot stamping on the bottles of Amethyst Exquiseand Illusion Captive and silk screen printing on that of Or Intemporel.

The complexity is linked to the regularity of the metallization according to the flat or relief surfaces, the precision of the laser cuts which preserve the metallic purple, black and gold colors, in particular for the Illusion Captive bottle that is laser-engraved over its entire surface.

In addition, the accuracy of the marking for screen printed and / or hot-stamped patterns is to be noted.

Candles: the Noir Premier-Plume Blanche jar was metallized in shiny gold and then screen printed ; the jar of La Nuit Nairobi-Kenya was metallized in black and then hot stamped.

The challenge consists in perfectly protecting the rim and in obtaining a flawlesssilk screen printing on a conical shape, thanks to a digital marking process.


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