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PRAD, the specialist in “chic metal”

Since its takeover in 2016, PRAD has tripled its business and doubled its workforce. This solid growth can be attributed to the company’s high level of quality, based on brand DNA, made-in-France creativity, and ongoing commitment to meta chic and sustainability – all with the codes of luxury in mind. Bruno Pierrain, CEO and owner, explains.
How has PRAD’s expertise evolved?
In recent years, our customers have challenged us to create finer, more luxurious decors that are unique and enhance products. That’s the direction we’re taking, thanks to the expertise of our teams, who can work with liquid metallization and laser finishing to create transparency, gradations, and depth. A few examples include the black, gold and silver decoration for Ture Oud by Carolina Herrera; and the lace-like laser-cut decoration for Almaz by Kajal Parfums Paris.
This expertise is rooted in our site at La-Roche-de-Glun, near Valence, where we have invested in a new robotized laser unit, which combines high production rates with a high level of quality. Ten percent of our workforce is involved with quality control, which is the basis of our reputation.
And we’re doing all this while respecting the environment: we have reduced our CO2 consumption by 30% over the last four years, our energy consumption also by 30%, and our waste by 40%. PRAD is Ecovadis gold ranked, and we will continue to work on improving our performance in this area.
What are your latest developments?
Semi-opaque and transparent liquid metallization are in the spotlight: we have three launches planned with major luxury brands between now and December. We are also promoting the incredible effects made possible by laser finishing. We have customized our lase machine to tackle every aspect of a square, sphere, or oval – top and bottom, of course! Finally, we are working more closely with our customers on eco-design, right from the laboratory, by integrating product end-of-life considerations. Our role is to advise and support our customers in order to save process time and encourage recyclability.
Your current priorities?
Our objective is to bring premium metallization to cosmetic glass jars and bottles for greater differentiation. This is also a way of adapting to trends in refillability and durability. We will have to make the shift slowly with brands – who are demanding it – and build the technology. Our CSR objective is to have a dry plant by 2028. We have already halved water consumption in our process. And we will continue to train and recruit new talent, which is essential if we are to continue to grow and innovate for and with luxury brands.

(Seen in Formes de Luxe, autumn 2023)

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