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The essential question of a product's life cycle

Seen in Industries Cosmétiques (n° 40 - décembre 2023)

"The ecological issue is not the decoration, but rather the release of solvents into the atmosphere, or the fact that the decoration does not affect the product's recyclability. At PRAD, our aim is to improve on all these points.”
For Bruno Pierrain, CEO of PRAD, a company specializing in the decoration of perfume and cosmetics packaging, it is difficult, for example, to include bottle finishing in the lifecycle audit.
PRAD offers its top-of-the-range customers the opportunity to work more closely on eco-design by integrating virtuous processes. Reductions of 30% in CO2 emissions, 40% in waste and 50% in water consumption over the last four years have placed the company in the top 3% of most responsible companies according to Ecovadis. "We only work with 100% recyclable materials, glass and aluminium, or those that can be reprocessed, recycled or reused. We use water-soluble varnishes, and all the energy consumed by our furnaces is reused in the manufacturing process. We recycle wastewater and have created a waste recovery system to reintegrate it into the process," explains Bruno Pierrain. We're not included in LCAs, so we're as virtuous as possible in our processes.

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